Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Urządzenia Android
Google TV
Raspberry Pi


SOLIX DS is an excellent platform for displaying advertising. In addition to standard digital signage features, SOLIX DS provides new ways for customers to interact with content and maintains detailed information on these interactions.

Customer Interaction

When a SOLIX DS player displays content on a web page, the player can be clicked. Clicking on an item of content will direct the customer to another web page specific to that content. It essentially functions like a traditional rotating advert.

When running as a full screen (untouchable) digital signage solution, a QR code is displayed in the corner. Scanning the QR code with a mobile phone or tablet immediately displays the same channel on the mobile device. All content previously shown on the channel is accessible to the customer.

SOLIX DS keeps a count of how many times an item of content is displayed, clicked and any conversions resultant on the click. (A single line of tracking code must be placed on the conversion page for this functionality). SOLIX DS also allows an financial agreement to be performed between the advertiser and publisher prior to display.


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