Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Urządzenia Android
Google TV
Raspberry Pi


SOLIX DS channels can be displayed on any web browser. This includes all recent smartphones, tablets and Internet TV devices.

For Android devices dedicated to Digital Signage, we recommend installing either SOLIX DS WebPlayer or SOLIX DS Player for Android.

Both players have a number of benefits including:
  1. Displays content full screen.
  2. Runs as a service, and restarts if any problems occur.
  3. Auto starts when the device is switched on.
  4. Provides advanced monitoring in the SOLIX DS interface.
  5. Manages the image cache to minimize network bandwidth. 
  6. Keeps the screen powered up when displaying content.
  7. Powers down the device when configured to do so.
  8. Reports GPS location for automated channel selection based on location.

SOLIX DS WebPlayer is essentially a web browser with the additional benefits listed above. SOLIX DS WebPlayer is required to display advanced HTML content, SWF files, YouTube and Vimeo videos.

SOLIX DS Player is recommended for 24/7 operation on low end devices. This application does not support embedded HTML content such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Both Android digital signage players can be downloaded within the SOLIX DS Interface when creating an Installation

Android SOLIX DS Player content caching and offline mode

When Android SOLIX DS Player first connects to a channel it attempts to prime the cache with all content in the channel. SOLIX DS Player will display image content as soon as it can but it may take one or more cycles before videos are fully cached. During this time a preview image for the video will be displayed.

When caching is complete, SOLIX DS Player can operate without a network connection and will continue displaying the last known sequence of content in the event of failure.

All content is stored in a directory named targetr on external storage (usually SD card). Ensure you have enough storage space for the complete sequence.

Warning: SOLIX DS WebPlayer uses the web browser and video player's cache. These are less predictable than the SOLIX DS Player cache.


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