Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Urządzenia Android
Google TV
Raspberry Pi



Data Sources

SOLIX DS can fetch and display live content by reading external data sources. 

There are several ways this can be achieved:

  1. Refer to a remote image on the Internet that is automatically generated.
  2. Specify a web page and a region to capture and display as an image. (Web Capture)
  3. Specify a remote, plain text RSS feed URL to be used to create a dynamic image.
  4. Specify a local or remote video stream URL.
  5. Use JavaScript in embedded HTML to construct dynamic content. (Advanced, discouraged)

The content will be updated each time it is displayed on a channel. (Maximum of once per minute for dynamic images generated by Web Capture and RSS feed dynamic images).

Advanced data sources

TargetR Player for Android can also be linked to more advanced video data sources such as RTSP. This enables live video to be streamed from an HDMI port or remote server.

For example:

  • hdmi://localhost?port=2
    Display live video arriving at an HDMI input
  • rtsp://
    Display live video from an Axis security camera

Extend the duration specified by the Content / Targeting to prevent frequent reinitialisation of the live video.



Dynamic Image from remote server


Dynamic Image from remote, plain text RSS.