Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Android Devices
Google TV
Raspberry Pi


Some examples of how SOLIX DS Digital Signage can be used:

Low Cost Digital Signage

SOLIX DS supports low cost hardware platforms such as Android and Raspberry Pi. These devices make it possible to build large scale digital signage systems at minimal costs.

Electronic Poster

Traditional printed posters can be replaced with screens powered by SOLIX DS. SOLIX DS can be configured to run on screens in portrait mode and facilitate uploading poster images in JPG format.

Digital Photo Frame

A SOLIX DS channel containing high resolution photos can be displayed on a SOLIX DS player running anywhere. Each digital photo frame can be remotely controlled with content can be managed centrally.

Messaging System

SOLIX DS makes a great messaging system for displaying announcements, news and information on large screens in public places. Content can be scheduling to display at specific times.

Digital Community Noticeboard

SOLIX DS allows a user to request their content to be displayed on another users screen. SOLIX DS manages communications between these users and only displays content which is mutually agreed.

Mobile Announcement System

SOLIX DS Player for Android can be installed on mobile phones as a background widget. This allows announcements, news and information to be targeted directly at users - visible on the home screen.

In-page Advertising Platform

SOLIX DS Players can be embedded into any web page. Since content can link to external sites and the clicks are counted, SOLIX DS can replace most commercial advertising systems. SOLIX DS can also be configured to track complicated conversions.

In-app Advertising Platform

Control what is displayed in an area of a mobile app. SOLIX DS can be embedded into games and utilities and can monetise these apps by providing a platform for advertisers to target users.

Mobile Advertising Platform

SOLIX DS Player for Android reports its geographical location. This allows SOLIX DS Server to choose channels / content based on location. SOLIX DS is therefore a powerful advertising platform for buses and trains to show advertising targeted at users based on their location.

TV Broadcasting

SOLIX DS supports high definition video content and provides a mechanism to deliver a sequence of content to devices. A channel in SOLIX DS is very similar to a regular TV channel, except the sequence automatically loops.
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