Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Urządzenia Android
Google TV
Raspberry Pi


Key features of SOLIX DS Digital Signage.
  • Display images and videos on remote screens. 
  • Quick and easily content uploading.
  • Supports high resolution images (JPEG, PNG, GIF).
  • Supports HD videos (MPEG, MPV, MOV, AVI)
  • Supports custom HTML content (including Flash)*.
  • Supports PDF documents (converted to images).
  • Maintains thousands of items of content.
  • Content tagging to aid searching and categorising.
  • Content can be displayed on multiple channels by targeting.
  • A channel can be displayed on multiple screens and web pages.
  • Content on a channel is synchronised across all screens.
  • Automatic image resizing to support any player device.
  • Automatic video re-encoding to support most browsers and Android devices.
  • Automatic selection of optimal resolution content based on target device.
  • Incorporates JScreenFix equalization technology to prevent image burn-in.
  • Screens display a QR code that can be scanned to clone channel to mobile devices.
  • Customers can navigate and interact with content on mobile devices.
  • Clicking on content directs customers to a configurable web site.
  • Maintains count of content impressions, clicks and conversions.
  • Installations enable individual screens to be managed and controlled remotely.
  • Advanced, managed player software for Android, BlackBerry Playbook and Raspberry Pi.
  • Supports almost every platform using either HTML5, JAVA or Qt.
  • Active periods can be defined for installations, devices enter standby when not active.
  • Targeting allows custom scheduling and display properties for content.
  • Cross account targeting facilitates linking content owners to channel owners.
  • Configurable pricing arrangement for cross account targeting.
  • Content owners and channel owners must both approve cross account targeting.
  • Accounts can be linked to permit another account to view or modify content, channels, installations and targeting.
  • Configurable account quotas can limit channels, content, installations and storage space.
  • Display content based on location, ideal for screens on trains, busses and mobile devices.
  • Emergency Alert System, to quickly display alert information on one or more devices.
  • Import content and create channels from Media RSS Feeds such as Flickr.
  • Display dynamic images created by remote web services.
  • Export channels as Media RSS Feeds to other applications.
  • SOLIX DS Server and SOLIX DS Media Processor can be installed on private networks.

*Flash and custom HTML content support requires Flash plugin and web browser / web player.


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