Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Android Devices
Google TV
Raspberry Pi


SOLIX DS enables digital content to be sent directly to computers, mobile phones, tablets and televisions.
  • Upload content (images and videos) and display on channels using targeting.
  • A channel can be displayed on any device with a web browser or SOLIX DS player.
  • An installation allows remote monitoring and configuration of devices displaying a channel.

solix ds presentation Video presentation of SOLIX DS System

solix ds presentation Sign in process

solix ds presentation How to create Advertising Campaign

solix ds presentation Account management

Displaying a Channel

A channel can be viewed by:
  • Scanning a QR code
  • Clicking a channel link.
  • Installing SOLIX DS Player app.
  • Visiting a web page with SOLIX DS embedded.
All devices displaying a channel are synchronized and display content at the same time.


By defining an installation and running SOLIX DS Player, the status of each device can be monitored and controlled remotely. An active period can be specified for each Installation. Devices running SOLIX DS Player enter standby mode during inactive periods.

Customer Interaction

When a customer clicks on an item of content they are directed to the corresponding web site. The number of times each item of content is displayed and clicked is counted. More complicated actions such as registration and payment completion can also be tracked and counted.


Content and channels can be listed on the SOLIX DS Market. This enables people with content they would like to display and people with space to display content to interact. Targeting facilitates cross account pricing and display arrangements. Content is only displayed on a channel when there is mutual agreement by content owner and channel owner.

Features in development

New QtPlayer - interface for Windows/Linux/MAC/RaspberryPi

The existing version of QtPlayer uses Qt version 4. While this works very well for images there are several issues with video playback. We are in the process of converting the player to use Qt 5 which will provide a number of benefits including:
  • Improved video support.
  • Raspberry Pi compatibility.
  • Support for additional platforms built on ARM.
We have an ALPHA version for Raspberry Pi (lacking video support). We are waiting for the official release of Qt 5 and suitable video support for Raspberry Pi before completing development.


We will be adding event based triggers to start sequences or change channels. This would enable, for example, a sequence to start playing from the beginning when a face is detected. We will also support input from external sensors to change content and send interaction data to SOLIX DS server.

Email Notifications

  1. Registration welcome email. (Customisable by partner).
  2. Automation of password resets using email confirmation mechanism.
  3. Notification of failed sign in attempts via email.
  4. Cross account targeting requiring approval will generate approval request emails.
  5. Optional email notification when installations fail to communicate with SOLIX DS server.

Historical Reporting

TargetR maintains counts for impressions, faces, scans, clicks and conversions. It is currently only possible to query the current values. Historical reporting will add the ability to query counts at any point in time or graph changes between any 2 dates.

Social Content Builders

SOLIX DS allows external services to build content using the Content Building API. We are developing services to build attractive content for Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook data. We will also be building functionality to create sequences from image collections on other platforms such as Flickr and Picasa.

Content Transitions

Transition animations are currently disabled to improve compatibility with low specification devices and improve stability when video content is playing. A selection of transition animations between content will be developed and tested on new high specification Android devices and added as a configurable setting.

UPDATE Version 7.06 of the Android player supports the advanced channel option transitionPeriod. This advanced option will enable a cross fade transition between images.