Delivers image and video content anywhere with full remote control and monitoring.

Advanced Support:
Urządzenia Android
Google TV
Raspberry Pi


The SOLIX DSPlayer is used to display a channel on a screen. The player can display a channel full screen or on just a portion of the screen for example embedded in a web page. All content and players are 16:9 ratio by default.

The standard SOLIX DS Player is written in JavaScript and builds itself over an initial image on a web page. The player performs the following actions:
Cycles through content.
Provides controls for manual navigation.
Synchronises content with other players connected to a channel.
Provides a link as specified in the currently displaying item of content.
Reports on what items are displayed to the SOLIX DS server.
Displays the status of the player.
If JavaScript is disabled, the viewer will see a single, static item of content that was the active item at the time content was requested.

Full screen in web browser
Embedded in web page

Custom Players
Custom SOLIX DS players are also available providing additional functionality not available in a standard web browser. For example, auto startup, geolocation, standby mode, cache control and reporting.

Players available:
SOLIX DS Player for Android and Blackberry Playbook 2.0.
SOLIX DS WebPlayer for Android and Blackberry Playbook 2.0.
SOLIX DS SwingPlayer. (Image content only)
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Raspberry Pi (Linux ARM)
SOLIX DS QtScreenSaver for Microsoft Windows.


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