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SOLIX DS is a web-based digital signage solution that makes it easy to control what is displayed on a remote screen. Multi-media content such as images and videos are added to a SOLIX DS channel and displayed full screen or embedded into a web page or application. Content can link to third party web pages making the platform ideal for advertising and engaging with customers. There are integrated new technologies in our software like QR code generator for mobile applications, face recognation with looks counter, remote contents with auto update, GPS, statistics, etc...

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solix ds presentation Video presentation of SOLIX DS System

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solix ds presentation How to create Advertising Campaign

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User Manual

The structure of SOLIX DS software and manual is very easy. Contents are connected to advertising Channels by Targetting (playlist) which can be deliver to any Installation.

We offer SOLIX DS system with compatible Android Players, for example the worldwide smallest ANDROSTICK like USB stick 16x33x89mm. We recomended compatible tablets i-Display 7"-21,5".

Androstick should be inserted directly into HDMI input of LCD display or projector without any cables.
The build-in WiFi modem enables internet connection with the server of digital signage software SOLIX DS.
The graphics processor MALI 400MP supplies excellent image and video quality 1080p. We deliver all players with full software configuration and a client account on the server. 
The only thing you need to start is to connect it with local WiFi access point.



Quick interactive guide of installation and user manual :


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